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The Adaptive Control of Energy Storage (ACES) project develops and demonstrates adaptive optimisation of battery energy storage services, using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Combining AI with advanced battery health and power quality  monitoring, new business models and innovative billing solutions, the ACES project aims to trigger wide-scale deployment in power grids, a critical success factor for the renewable energy transition.

Power-to-Gas Demo

Hydrogen production with 150 kWh/50 kW batteries - Vänerenergi

Small-scale Demos

Micro-grid test lab with solar PV and E-vehicle charging - Glava Energy Center

Large-scale Demo

Large demos and lab tests 500kWh - Fraunhofer IFF

Small-scale Lab Tests

Battery storage and hardware development - Fraunhofer IFF

Latest News

Funding Partners

ACES has received funding FROM the Swedish Energy Agency, The Research Council of Norway and Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, in the framework of the joint programming initiative ERA-Net Smart ENERGY SYSTEMS, with support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Project Partners

Project management, power quality monitoring and analysis

Metrum Sweden AB provide world leading, intelligent measurement systems for power quality. Their solutions assist customers to avoid downtime and power quality issues. Apart from supplying power quality systems and competence, they are the project manager of the ACES project.

Solar micro-grid test lab and E-vehicle charging

GEC in Sweden is a successful international test center for solar energy solutions of tomorrow where different operators cooperate to create new opportunities for innovation, learning, development and testing in the field of solar energy. The aim is to contribute to sustainable energy solutions and a more efficient use of transboundary energy.

Applied research on business models and market/regulatory environment

RISE in Sweden is a strong innovation partner who can provide comprehensive support and a broad range of perspectives. 

Health sensors

Insplorion in Sweden is at the absolute technological forefront, both regarding sensors
intended for volume production in applications such as battery control and air quality measurement and regarding sensors in advanced research instruments used for cutting-edge research by scientists worldwide.

Market, business models, roi tool, pricing and billing solutions

MINcom in Germany is a solutions provider and system integrator the following key strengths; Project Management, consulting, design, development and test in the utility and automotive industries and Billing, real-time charging and payment solutions. 

Adaptive control system

Rejlers is a Nordic group offering technical consultancy services and IT solutions to customers in the areas of: Energy, Buildings, Industry, Telecom and infrastructure.

Battery storage and hardware developement

Fraunhofer in Germany is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. Fraunhofer IFF located in Magdeburg, Germany provides expertise in the fi eld of power grids planning and operation incl. integration of renewables and battery storage.


Reference Group

Wilhelm Jacobsson, ABB AB
Colin Arnold, AGM Batteries Ltd
Henning Demele, Krebs Engineers GmbH
Magnus Brolin RISE

Lars Olsson, SeniorIT AB
Magnus Berg, Vattenfall AB
Fredrik Carlsson, Vattenfall AB
Harald Bouma, Vänerenergi AB
Anna Nordling, WSP AB

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