The Reference Group Launching Event and Project Meeting in Paris

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The ACES project hosted the Reference Group Launching Event 14th November 2019, in connection to the European Utility Week in Paris. Through the inauguration of the reference group, ACES enables customer-centric development of the project, which is a key driving factor for the project execution and for realising value-driven business opportunities for operation of renewable energy systems. At top of the agenda, was a high-level presentation of the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) iteration, an open feedback session to validate the market acceptance of the ACES development. The reference group was overall highly satisfied with the ACES product, whilst giving valuable feedback to incorporate and increase the value-perception further.

The event took place at the Louis Berger office, Paris, with delegates from N-ERGIE, Vattenfall and OX2 among others from the project reference group. On behalf of the ACES project, we thank you once again for you collaboration and feedback for enabling the renewable energy through battery storage technology.

As enabled by the reference group launching event, project partners arranged a full-day project meeting November 15th in order plan for the coming development before milestone 3 (MS3) – start of test with adaptive control. The group was really encouraged from showcasing the deliverables since the last meeting; such as the first mockup of the Adaptive control system ACS and the Insplorion nano-sensor, and look forward to continue with development and implementation of the ACES product.

The Reference Group Launching Event and Project Meeting in Paris
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